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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ultimate Reality

Mind can have no intuition when it comes to the fundamental nature of reality.

To an Eastern mind it cannot but be an impersonal Oneness; to a paranoid mind it must manifest as a terrible, drunken multiplicity; to the physicist it defaults into some mathematical objectivity; and so on…

So, it cannot be absurd to feel this ultimate reality as a person. This conception is equal among the others, equal precisely because there is no rod to measure them against. What is more, fundamental being as person makes sense of persons – for in Godself there must be such a superabundance of personhood that it cannot help bursting forth like solar flares – as angels, as animals, as each of us. 

Christians can go no deeper in thinking about the nature of reality. Philosophers talk about an ultimate cause – Christians must talk about an ultimate concern. Scientists muse over some Ultimate Origin – why not muse over an Ultimate Intention?

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  1. But what about Consciousness?
    As described and "explained" here:

    Meanwhile, your ultimate "concern" is always the preservation of your presumed fear-saturated separate and always separative "self".