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Thursday, 17 August 2017

God's Love

God died for us, Holy Scripture says. You know what that means? He laid down his life for us sinners; died in our place. That’s love. It is a great mystery.

And it was for all of us?

For all of us.

Would He have still have died if it wasn’t for everyone?

How do you mean?

I mean, would He have died for just half of us?

Well, He didn’t have to. He chose to die for us all. Each and every miserable sinner. Me. You. Everyone.

But just say

Yes, yes, He would have died for half of us.

And would God have died for a quarter of us?

I’m certain so. God would have died for a quarter, even an eighth, of the human race, if it meant He would save them and take them up into Heaven to dwell with Him for eternity.

What’s an eighth?

Half a quarter.

How many people would that be?

Oh, the earth’s pretty darn full. Maybe a billion.


God is pretty special huh?


He loves us a whole lot.

Would God love us enough to save just a thousand people?

Just a thousand? Why sure, I don’t see why not. His love isn’t slave to numbers. A soul is a soul.

Would God have died for just one person then?




Doesn’t it matter that He’d have to leave the rest behind?

Of course. Never say that it doesn’t hurt Him to leave a sinner behind, you understand? It would hurt Him a whole lot. But He’d do it, if it meant saving just one.

What if that one person was really really bad? A really bad person.



Yes, I suppose.

He’d die for the worst person who’s ever lived?

Yes, I suppose that’d have to be the case.

God is strange.

His love is so great, kiddo, we can hardly understand it.

Is there anything he wouldn’t die for?

Not a thing. His love is that great.


You can say that again. Wowee.

What if it was only a duck?

What’s that?

Would God have died if He couldn’t have saved anyone but a duck?

A duck?




No, kiddo. I don’t think God would have died for just a duck.

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