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Thursday, 26 August 2021

I Snuck Into the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

snuck into the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
I hope I’ll be forgiven 
I did not ask to be poor

or to want so badly to gaze 
on the wet galaxy of spiderwebs 
atop the Heart-leaved Groundsel
by the brook

there’s a mystery here
I’m not even trying to solve

the Shining Sumac
the Gray Goldenrod
the Toadshade
and the Pawpaw tree’s stiff fruit

nothing here has eyes
no face to turn toward me
and no face to turn away 

the Great Blue Lobelia
tall as a woman giving orders
is perfectly silent
a mouth closed tight on the key

hard to believe 
but the Long-stalked Astor
really wants nothing 
I could empty my bank account 
and still 
it wouldn’t be 
any more or less my friend 

we’re just here 
unable to fuck it up

and ah this Scarlet Oak
with its kingdom 
of Virginia ryegrass
tell me the truth now 

the summer is hot
the city is loud
and I know you can’t free me from pain
but tell me, Scarlet Oak

I can take it

tell me the reason
I do not shine with a love 
so unconditional 
it draws hordes into my orbit
to bask

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